An online course on osteoporosis developed by doctors and aimed at medical professionals

Realiza un curso sobre el tratamiento de la osteoporosis: epidemiología, diagnóstico y tratamientos
existentes, así como otros desafíos científicos. Cuándo, cómo y dónde quieras.

  • Specialist doctors

    Specialist doctors

    A course designed by nine of the leading osteoporosis specialists in Europe. The course is aimed at primary care physicians, gynecologists, endocrinologists, internists, rheumatologists, traumatologists, rehabilitation doctors and any physician interested in knowledge of osteoporosis.

  • Mobile access

    Mobile access

    Study medicine online. All content is available from any mobile device.

  • Official credits*

    Official credits*

    European CME Accreditation: 10 Credits (EACCME). 7 Credits granted when approving the 1st part of the course (Modules 1-7), and 3 additional credits by passing the 2nd part (modules 8-10). Students must pass the 1st part of the course to access the 2nd. (*)Credits (EACCME) will be granted to users who pass the course before October 15, 2015.

  • Ease of use

    Ease of use

    Each module contains an HD video with animations and resources that ensure dynamic scientific content and facilitate its comprehension.

  • Tests and case studies

    Tests and case studies

    At the end of each module, you will have to answer multiple-choice questions and refer to case studies proposed by the authors.

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